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Emergency System:


1,Come With Ni-MH, Ni-ion rechargeable battery pack

2,Apply for LED Tube Light/LED Flood Light and other LED lighting;
3,International cable, triple protection (overcharge, over discharge, no-load protection);
4,External detection switch, three-color indicator light;
5,When AC Power is on, the inverter allows battery charging \ standby; when A.C Power is off (caused by earthquake hit, explosions and other accidents), the inverter immediately converted to emergency lighting and DC battery power up.

6,Red, green and yellow LED, respectively, normal main power, charge, fault status,.

7,battery charge , automatically maintain the battery state, compensation self-discharge, maintenance battery performance and life. 

8,Please Make installation as per the wiring diagram and  do not be allowed to open the cover;
9,Users can periodically check the discharge of the inverter,  cut off the AC power supply, discharged battery .

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